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Explore the Vanoise

Our shelter consists of two cottages, one of which is over 100 years old. At the time, our great-grandparents lived only on agriculture.

The creation of the Vanoise National Park in 1960 brought a parallel dynamic, tourism.


Our refuge, rejuvenating step on the itinerant paths of the Vanoise...

Breathtaking landscapes!

Célia in Lanserlia early Oct 2023 (8).JPEG
Descent of Bellecombe Terminignon on foot  (8).JPEG


The loop of the lakes of Bellecombe

Lac Blanc, lac de Bellecombe, lac des limnées, plan du lac, which one to choose?

To make the return trip to each of these lakes from the refuge, count 20 to 45 minutes of walk on average.

To take the time to contemplate them all, you can make the loop entirely!

515mD+   Level: easy Duration: about 4h


The tip of Lanserlia

At the top, a spectacular 360° panorama over its lakes below, the valley, and glaciers! It is a hike that culminates at 2909m of altitude, not being marked, it is wilder.

Loop: 750mD+   Level: medium Duration: about 5h


Very beautiful panoramic summit, ideal for a first approach to the high mountain.

Loop: 1500mD+   Level: difficult Duration: 1day

Vanoise National Park

Haute Maurienne

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